Residents and Property Owners,                    Governor Carney announced today that, in coordination with neighboring Mid-Atlantic states, he is authorizing Towns to fully open all public and private Delaware beaches effective Friday, May 22 at 5:00 pm. This will open the two beaches in Henlopen Acres, at the beach club beach and at Block W. […]

Governor Carney orders any individual entering Delaware from another State must self-quarantine for 14 days

Governor Carney orders any individual entering Delaware from another State must self-quarantine for 14 days: Any individual who enters Delaware from another state must immediately self-quarantine for fourteen (14) days from the time of entry into Delaware or for the duration of the individual’s presence in Delaware Self-quarantine requires that an individual stay in a […]

Governor Carney orders all people living in Delaware to shelter in place

On Monday, March 23, Delaware Governor John Carney amended his emergency declaration add that all those living in Delaware should shelter in place.  In addition, all non-essential businesses have been order to close.

All Delaware beaches closed by order of the Governor

As of 5:00 PM, March 21, 2020, Delaware Governor John Carney has order all beaches public and private closed until May 15.

Notice Concerning Covid-19 Pandemic-Updated 03/20/2020

We wanted to share this important information with you from the City of Rehoboth since we are in such close proximity.  City of Rehoboth Beach Code Red Message-   Town of Henlopen Acres Message- The Town of Henlopen Acres is concerned for everyone’s health and welfare, residents and visitors alike.  To that end, we […]

Resilient Communities Partnership

At the Commissioners Special Meeting on November 8, KCI Technologies gave a presentation on a Resilient Communities Partnership Project that Henlopen Acres is a part of.  The presentation is attached: Resilient Community Partnership Presentation 11082019

Congratulations Mayor Joni Reich!!!

At their Annual Organizational Meeting on Friday September 6, 2019 the Board of Commissioners unanimously re-elected Joni Reich as Mayor.  Everyone is so excited to be working with Mayor Reich for another year.  We all appreciate everything she does for the Town!!

Town Adopts A Tree Protection Ordinance

At their July 12, 2019 Board Meeting, the Commissioners adopted a Tree Protection Ordinance to protect Town Trees during construction. Ordinance to Amend Chapter 114 Relating to the Protection of Town Trees 07122019 

No Town Election for 2019

With the closing of the declaration period on Friday July 12, 2019 only two persons filed their intent to be candidates for the two vacancies on the Board of Commissioners-Frank Jamison-90 Tidewaters and Richard Thompson-44 Rolling Rd. Therefore, in accordance with the Town Charter and State Code, they are deemed elected and there will not […]

Board of Commissioner Appointments

At their Quarterly meeting on Friday July 12, The Board of Commissioners made the following appointments: Board of Adjustment Leigh Jamison-90 Tidewaters Norma Lee Derrickson -49 Tidewaters Audit Committee Jeffrey Jacobs (re-appointment)- 24 Rolling Rd Thomas Rinker (re-appointment)-99 Tidewaters Nathalie McGregor -3 Pine Reach Election Officers Barbara Shortley (re-appointment)-59 Pine Reach Elinor Boyce (re-appointment)-11 Tidewaters […]

Upcoming Town Hall Closings-2019

Town Hall will be closed the following days: Monday January 21, 2019 for Martin Luther King Jr Day Monday February 18, 2019 for Presidents’ Day Friday April 19, 2019 for Good Friday Monday May 27, 2019 for Memorial Day Thursday July 4, 2019 for Independence Day Monday September 2, 2019 for Labor Day Monday October […]

Welcome to the Town of Henlopen Acres, Delaware!

The Town of Henlopen Acres, Delaware, is located in eastern Sussex County. It is one of the smallest incorporated towns of Delaware bordered by the City of Rehoboth Beach, the Rehoboth and Lewes Canal and the Atlantic Ocean. The town is currently comprised of 219 parcels covering 123 acres or 0.27 square miles. Col. Wilbur […]

All Delaware beaches closed

As of 5:00 PM, March 21, 2020, Delaware Governor John Carney has order all beach public and private closed until May 15.