Tree Committee

Photo of a tree that is the symbol for Tree City USA


Tree Committee Members:

Jeffrey Jacobs-Chairman

Lee Raesly

Henry DeWitt

Lynda Moses

Andi Pedigo

Louise Montgomery


Ocean Block of Tidewaters Tree Planting Project-Fall 2020

Cypress Tree Care planted  17 trees the end of October.  They included six Saw Tooth Oaks, five Skyline Locust, four Dogwoods and two Red Cedars.  Five Pine trees will be planted in the Spring 2021. Many thanks to the residents for their cooperation and support of our tree planting program.    A special thank you to John Scheurer and Jeffrey Jacobs of the Tree Committee who worked with the residents  to help facilitate placement of the trees.

Rolling Road Planting Project-Fall 2019

The Town will be planting 24 trees in the easements along the ocean block of Rolling Road.  This is in an effort to offset some of the trees lost during recent construction.   The new trees will be planted this fall and will include: Red Cedar,  Loblolly Pine, Bald Cypress, Willow Oak, Sawtooth Oak, Honey Locust, Black Gum and Pink Dogwood. 

The work will be done by Cypress Tree Care


Arbor Day Celebration-May 10, 2019

The Town planted 3 Baldcypress trees in honor of Arbor Day

Photo of Town Mayor, Joni Reich and residents that helped plant the tree for Arbor Day

Tree Committee Accomplishments for 2018

Henlopen Acres has been designated as a Tree City for 3 Years

  • A Dogwood was planted in memory of Mayor David Lyons in observance of Arbor Day
  • 16 trees were planted on the easements throughout Town
  • 8 dead or hazardous trees were removed
  • Cypress Tree Care pruned over 50 trees along Tidewaters and Fields End

Tree Committee Accomplishments for 2017

The Town was notified by the State Forest Service that Henlopen Acres will be recognized in 2018 with a Tree City USA designation.

  • 1 Loblolly Pine was planted at the Marina in observance of Arbor Day
  • 9 trees were planted on the easements throughout Town
  • 4 dead trees were removed
  • 1 hazardous tree was removed
  • Cypress Tree Care pruned 10 trees along Tidewaters



Henlopen Acres plants tree for Arbor Day

2018 Arbor Day

Photo of Mayor Joni Reich and residents that helped plant the tree in honor of former Mayor David Lyons

A Dogwood Tree was planted at 43 Pine Reach in Memory of Mayor David Lyons



June 6, 2017
Photo of Mayor David Lyons and two tree committee members who helped plant tree in honor of Arbor Day

In observance of Arbor Day, Henlopen Acres Tree Committee members planted a tree. Shown are (l-r) Henry DeWitt, Tree Committee; John Scheurer, Tree Committee; and David Lyons, mayor. SUBMITTED PHOTO



arbor-day tree planting 2016 Photo includes Town employees, tree committee members, Mayor David Lyons and Town Manager Thomas Roth

Arbor Day Tree Panting 2016-The Honey Locust planted was donated by the Delaware State Forest Service



 An article in Urban Forestry & Greening Magazine, “Trees Create Value for Urban Areas” refers to a California study on the benefits of trees.  It calculated a benefit to the ecosystem of $111 per tree.  Considering Henlopen Acres has 800+ trees on town property, that’s a value of $90,000 not counting trees on private property.  Also, every seven trees, remove the carbon equivalent of one car per year.  Our town trees remove the carbon equivalent of 144 cars.

Our town Arborist has provided the following statistics on the town trees (trees on the town open space and easements):

62% are Evergreens and 38% are Deciduous

Species include: 31 % Loblolly Pine, 21% Oak, 9% Holly, and 6% Hickory

We are hoping to plant 20 trees per year along with the pruning and removal of  hazardous and diseased trees.  In ten years we should have an increase in town trees of 25%