Planning Commission

The Town of Henlopen Acres Comprehensive plan, which was certified by the State of Delaware on July 9, 2004, provides a discussion of the history of Henlopen Acres and outlines recommendations to address issues that may be faced in the future.

The plan was developed by the town’s Planning Commission and the University of Delaware’s Institute for Public Administration.

The town held numerous public meetings to receive comments on issues of most concern to residents of the town.

The recommendations contained in this Plan, along with the maps developed for this Plan, should assist Henlopen Acres’ leaders in their efforts to maintain and enhance the quality of life in the town.

In 2016, Henlopen Acres adopted an update to the 2004 Comprehensive Plan. Please see link below.


Planning Commission Members:

Lee Raesly, Chairman

Gordon Kaiser

David Robinson

John Scheurer

Jason Hollinger