Water Quality

Water service for the Town of Henlopen Acres is provided to residents and properties within the town limits on an annual fee basis. The water collection, treatment and distribution system is owned and operated by the Town of Henlopen Acres. Water collection is achieved through a series of eleven wells within the town. Water treatment and distribution is performed at the water plant located at 78 Pine Reach.

The Town recently completed a water interconnect with the City of Rehoboth .  This will allow both parties access to water from the other’s water system in the event of an emergency or water shut down. This interconnect is only in place as a back up. The Town’s water system will continue to function daily at normal capacity. Attached is a brief overview of the project:

Henlopen Acres Water Plant Interconnect with Rehoboth


The Town of Henlopen Acres is a member of the Delaware Rural Water Association (DRWA), who provides technical assistance as needed. The Town currently has three licensed Water Operators.

The water provided by the Town of Henlopen Acres is fluoridated as mandated by the State of Delaware.

Below is a link to the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. This report, with the assistance of DRWA, is prepared annually as required by the Office of Drinking Water, State of Delaware.

2023 Water Quality Report