Charter & Code

The Town Charter and accompanying Code of the Town of Henlopen Acres permits the inhabitants to govern themselves by such ordinances, rules, resolutions and regulations for municipal purposes as they, through their duly elected officers and agents, may deem proper and not in conflict with the provisions of this Charter of government, nor with the Constitution and Laws of the State of Delaware, or of the United States.

The Code of the Town of Henlopen Acres as it appears on the General Code website (link above) is updated annually. Below are amendments to the Code since the last update.

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 130 Legally non conforming fences 06082018– This Ordinance amends Chapter 130 such that legally non-conforming fences may be repaired or replaced.

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 35 Animals 04062018   -This Ordinance amends Section 35-4 of the Town Code to prohibit keeping any animals in the Town other than household cats and dogs.

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 43 Building Construction (Pile Driving) 01122018-In addition to limits on construction already established, this Ordinance further prohibits pile driving between Memorial Day and Labor Day

An Ordinance to Amend Chapter 16 Elections- Absentee Voting 01122018-This Ordinance conforms the Town Code to recently enacted State law that repealed the requirement of the submission of an notarized affidavit to obtain an absentee ballot for municipal elections. 

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 130 Related to Cooking Facilities 10132017– This Ordinance amends Chapter 130 such that certain cooking facilities contiguous to the principal dwelling and not visible from the street are permitted.