Town Adopts New Rental Ordinance 09/11/2020

At their Organizational Meeting on Friday September 11, 2020, The Board of Commissioners adopted a New Ordinance to Amend Chapter 95, Rental Property. 

The new Ordinance creates additional requirements for the rental of residential properties in the Town of Henlopen Acres, including a prohibition on on subletting and subleasing, and a requirement that a copy of all rental contracts be provided to the Town manager at least three business days in advance of the rental term.  For current and future owners, the Ordinance creates a limitation of eight rental periods of at least seven days each during a calendar year, with up to six occurring in-Season between May 15 and September 15.  Below is the Ordinance in its entirety:

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 95 Short Term Rentals 09112020