Residents and Property Owners,


                 Governor Carney announced today that, in coordination with neighboring Mid-Atlantic states, he is authorizing Towns to fully open all public and private Delaware beaches effective Friday, May 22 at 5:00 pm. This will open the two beaches in Henlopen Acres, at the beach club beach and at Block W.

 This Order will eliminate the current restriction of walking-only on beaches and will permit swimming, sunbathing, and sitting on the beaches effective May 22. The Governor is asking each Town to ensure social distancing of six feet among families by limiting the number of people on the beach if necessary. Face masks are required in areas adjacent to the beach, such as on boardwalks, but are recommended, but not required on the beach itself.  

                 The current restrictions on non-essential travel and the 14-day quarantine requirement on out-of-state travelers will remain in place, and the State Police will be enforcing the quarantine order by stopping cars with out-of-state license plates on nearby roadways. The ban on short-term rentals and take-out only provisions for restaurants will also continue.

 The Governor hopes this step will give Delawareans the opportunity to spend time outside on the beaches without a large influx of out-of-state travelers. We will keep you posted of any further changes in the Governor’s orders.


Town Manager Thomas Roth and Mayor Joni Reich