Board of Commissioner Appointments

At their Quarterly meeting on Friday July 12, The Board of Commissioners made the following appointments:

Board of Adjustment

Leigh Jamison-90 Tidewaters

Norma Lee Derrickson -49 Tidewaters

Audit Committee

Jeffrey Jacobs (re-appointment)- 24 Rolling Rd

Thomas Rinker (re-appointment)-99 Tidewaters

Nathalie McGregor -3 Pine Reach

Election Officers

Barbara Shortley (re-appointment)-59 Pine Reach

Elinor Boyce (re-appointment)-11 Tidewaters

Betsy Wilgus-32 Tidewaters

Board of Elections

Bruce Moore (re-appointment)- 14 Tidewaters

Tiffany Derrickson (re-appointment)-54 Rolling Rd

Sallie Jones-31 Rolling Rd