Charter & Code

The Town Charter and accompanying Code of the Town of Henlopen Acres permits the inhabitants to govern themselves by such ordinances, rules, resolutions and regulations for municipal purposes as they, through their duly elected officers and agents, may deem proper and not in conflict with the provisions of this Charter of government, nor with the Constitution and Laws of the State of Delaware, or of the United States.

The Code of the Town of Henlopen Acres as it appears on the General Code website (link above) is updated annually. Below are amendments to the Code since the last update.

Ordinance to Amend Chapter 114- Trees- Amendment to formalize the Tree Committee and clarify responsibility for the care and removal of certain trees.

Ordinance to amend Chapter 35-Animals- This Ordinance further clarifies that dogs off an owner’s premises must be restrained by a physical leash not greater than six feet in length, and converts violations of Chapter 35 to civil offenses.

Amendment to Chapter-127-Wells-Private- This Ordinance adds swimming pool purposes and geothermal heating/cooling system purposes as additional purposes for which a private well may be approved.

Amendment to Chapter-130 related to the Official Zoning-Map-   Amendment to the provisions of Chapter 130 of the Municipal Code such that Map 5 of the 2014 Comprehensive Plan shall become the new official zoning map for the Town of Henlopen Acres

Amendment to Chapter 116 Vehicles and Traffic 116-7.1-Diesel and gasoline powered motor vehicles are not permitted to idle for more than five consecutive minutes if the vehicle is not in motion except at the vehicle operator’s place of residence, where it may idle for 20 consecutive minutes, or a vehicle may idle for 20 consecutive minutes when the vehicle engine has been turned off and not operated for three or more consecutive hours.